Teaching philosophy:

I Love and believe in what I do. Passing on what I have learned about painting is my PASSION. I believe the developing artists, whether young or adult, need the appropriate tools and techniques. The focus of each of my classes is to offer the student an abundant array of techniques, thus promoting success in any medium.


I have been teaching adult and children's art classes in Amesbury for 12 year. With my 15 years as an oil painter plus 35 years as a national award winning watercolorist, the students feel confident with my instruction. My background as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner enhances my ability to understand and meet all students where they are.


Many of my students go on to receive a degree in art. One such student was offered a show at Provident Bank in Newburyport and sold 60 paintings in one hour. My commitment is that the student will be changed forever under my guidance.


Some of the skills students will learn:


After the first two art classes students are encouraged to take their own photos from which to work or use one of my thousand photos from my travels all over the world. I also have a wonderful library of 100 art books for their use which includes numerous wildlife and flora books.

As there is no formal drawing class, students learn to draw as they are engaged in a painting. For example, if a student wishes to paint a dog, he/she learns how to draw a dog in the process. If he/she chooses to paint a barn then they learn how to draw a building and the rational of perspective. Students are always given one on one attention to help them succeed and gain confidence in their ability and skill as an artist. In learning the skill a student will make many mistakes all of which are opportunities to learn, but my motto is “It is not how we can fix a painting, it is how we can change it to make it work.”

Principles of Color and Design

As the universe is in color I encourage the student to work with color from Day One. My teaching method incorporates color with design as I have found it more engaging to learn this together as they work on a painting.


Watercolor and Oil Painting

Whether the student  chooses oil or watercolor they are guided step-by-step so as to ensure success in the finished product. Although this is a class setting, each student is treated as an individual with the focus on understanding their style, personality and apptitude.


Colored Pencil, Pastels, Collage, Gel Monotypes and Mold Making are also offered to students wishing to expand their horizons.


Childrens' Art Classes:

        All Media

Wednesday & Thursday 3:30-5

Saturday 9-10:30

Saturday 10:30-12

$110 per 6 week session; 2 makeups per session. Must be made up in another class


Adult art classes:

Watercolor & Oil

Tuesday 6-8

Thursday & Friday, 9-11

$100 per 5 week session

Summer Art Classes:

Children’s Art Class, Monday and Wednesday - 9-10:30; $110 - 6 weeks. Two makeup classes per each 6 week period. Must be scheduled during another class day. 

Adults, Tuesday 6-8 and Thursday & Friday, 9-11 - $100 - 5 weeks


Field Trips: Summer offers several field trips to local farms or waterways. Adults recently enjoyed a field trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland

Supplies: Although some supplies are provided, students are given the appropriate list of supplies plus the name of several web sites from which to order.